PC Self Help

Just like any machine, your computer needs a little maintenance to keep it running smoothly.  The following are suggestions of easy to follow steps that you can do from time to time to prevent problems with your computer.

Minimum Computer Specifications will ensure that you have the necessary hardware in your system to operate smoothly.

Automatic Updates enables your computer to automatically download and install any recommended Windows updates for your computer.

Disk Cleanup is a Windows utility that allows you to quickly free up disk space.

Physical Maintenance of your surge protector, monitor and mouse are also important.

Scandisk is available to Windows users to check the integrity of a disk drive.  It checks for significant issues that could lead to the loss of data.

Disk Defragmentation gets rid of empty spaces between files and packs them more tightly for better effiiciency.  Note - you must run scandisk first before running disk defragmentation.