Print Quotas

Student print quotas help assure that print resources are shared equitably. For more information about our system for network printing, see our webpages about the PaperCut system.

Interlink students, please see the information below.

  • All students receive $15 each fall and spring semester; $7.50 each summer session. Law students receive the same quota.
  • Unused pages carry over from fall semester to spring semester, and from Summer I to Summer II. Spring quota pages do not carry over to the summer, nor summer pages to the fall.
  • A print job will cease when your quota is exhausted.
  • In courses with necessary high-volume printing, faculty may request a quota increase by course section through the IT Help Desk. These quotas apply to the general access printers; other departmental units may inquire about including their printers in the quota.
  • Print jobs cost $0.05 per page for single-sided black & white printouts, or $0.04 per page for double-sided black & white printouts (a 20% discount).
  • Color print jobs will cost $0.25 per page for single-sided printouts; duplexing is not available for color printing.

Additional quota can be purchased from the Christopher Center Circulation Desk, located on the second floor, during hours the building is open. Present your receipt to the IT Help Desk on the first floor where Help Desk staff can immediately credit your quota increase to your account. Purchased quota will carry over from fall semester to spring, and from Summer I to Summer II, if registered.

Students in the School of Law who need quota increases should contact Donna Patterson, Wesemann Hall 266,, 219.465.7843.

Faculty and staff are also given a monetary quota in this system in the amount of $20 per semester.

Interlink Students

Students enrolled in the Interlink program receive a $4 quota per session; there are two Interlink sessions per University semester. Quotas will be allocated the first day of each Interlink session; these start dates are available on the Interlink calendar. Print quotas for Interlink students are reset each term; no quotas will be carried over.