What's your digital footprint?

Your digital footprint or digital dossier is a cyber trail you leave behind you. Nearly everything you do can leave these tracks.

This blog post at bigthink.com helps explain what the information collected is used for.

Review Your Digital Footprint/Dossier

This NPR blog post shows how extensive this information can be.

An easy way to check: go to any/all of the search engines (Bing?GoogleYahoo!, etc) and type in your name as the search term.

Go to your Google Dashboard to view the data associated with your Google Account. (Remember that you can check your @valpo.edu account as well as your personal @gmail.com account.)

The Gears of Tech blog posted this insightful entry about How much does Apple, Facebook and Google know about you?

If you have a Facebook account, you might be interested to find out how much information Facebook shares with others - about you!

Did you know that Twitter has donated its entire archive of public tweets to the Library of Congress?

"Scrub" Your Footprint

This interactive scenario game gives an example of your daily footprint and lets you experiment with ways to reduce its size.

Eli Pariser, author of the book The Filter Bubble: What the Internet Is Hiding From You, offers these 10 Ways to Pop Your Filter Bubble.

This Washington Post article also provides good tips on how to clean up your digital footprint.

Educational Videos

What is a digital dossier?

Eli Pariser, "Beware Online 'Filter Bubbles'" TED talk: