Social Network Security

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Do you "check in" using social networks like Facebook and Foursquare when you're out and about? Check out these sites to find out why that might not be such a good idea.

Did you also know that your smartphone camera may be embedding your location into photos? Another term for this is "geo-tagging." You can disable this option.

The US Army has warned soldiers and civilians alike about the dangers of geo-tagging.

Have you ever gotten malware (virus, spyware, etc) on your computer from Facebook? Viral scams like "2 free Southwest airlines tickets" or "Free $100 Starbucks gift card" are an easy way for these to spread. Other common scams that make you vulnerable include:

Even sites like Tumblr and Pinterest are vulnerable.

The FBI has published information on Internet Social Networking Risks.

Tips For Social Network Safety has put together this tip sheet about staying safe on social networking sites.

Microsoft's website lists 11 tips for social networking safety.

MS-ISAC has also put together a page on how to stay safe on social networks.

The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse offers this fact sheet on social networking privacy. has published "The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Scams."

You can protect your tweets.

Educational Videos

These courses offer great tips on how to protect yourself on social networks:

The Australia/New Zealand division of AVG, an innovative global leader in the security software market, has put together this brief video on how to optimize your social network security settings.