ValpoNet Account Information

As a student, faculty, staff, or affiliated person of Valparaiso University, you have an account which gives you access to a number of information technology resources on the Valparaiso University network. To access these resources, you will need to know your ValpoNet account name (sometimes referred to as username or login name) and your password. Occasionally others affiliated with Valparaiso University are authorized to use resources while engaged in special programs, employment, or support activities--consultants, visiting scholars, graduated students assisting faculty projects, or Valpo affiliates like the Book Center. Accounts will remain active while you maintain direct affiliation with the university.

About Your ValpoNet Account

Your ValpoNet account name is up to 8 characters in length and is comprised of the initial of your first name followed by up seven (7) letters of your last name. For example, Joe Smith's ValpoNet account name would be jsmith while George Washington's ValpoNet account name would be gwashing. To differentiate between two or more account names that would match, a number is added to the end of the matching account names. For example, Joe Smith and John Smith could both be jsmith. The first one to be established would be jsmith, while the second one established would be jsmith1. When a number is added to the end of the account name, the overall length will not exceed 8 characters which means a letter or letters may be dropped at the end of the name to allow for the addition of numbers.

The following is a listing of some of the resources you may access with your ValpoNet account:

  • File storage
  • Network printing
  • Email
  • Internet access
  • Blackboard Learn, course management system
  • Colleague (administrative database)
  • Certain site-licensed software


When your ValpoNet account is established, the initial password is set to your Colleague ID number (student ID number or employee ID number). You are required to change your password to something more memorable and not easily identified with you. Your password should never be shared with anyone. Passwords are case-sensitive. You may manage your password through the Account Management System.

Managing Your ValpoNet Account

You may manage your ValpoNet account through the Account Management System.

ValpoNet Account Activation

ValpoNet accounts for students are established shortly after the student registers for classes. Faculty and staff accounts are established after all necessary employment paperwork has been received and entered into Colleague. ValpoNet accounts for affiliated people are established after the filing of a "non-employee form" containing an authorized signature with Human Resource Services. Requests for a ValpoNet account may be made concurrently with paperwork submission to Human Resource Services by the hiring department on behalf of the individual.

ValpoNet Account Expiration

Student accounts expire after the last day of the next drop/add when the student is no longer taking classes. Faculty and staff accounts expire after termination paperwork is filed with Human Resource Services.