Faculty/Staff Voicemail

First Time Access
The first time you access your voicemail, please follow these instructions to correctly set up your voicemail box.

  1. Dial x5300 to enter the CallPilot system.
  2. Enter the four digit extension.
  3. Press the # key.
  4. Enter 111YYYY, where YYYY is the four digit extension.
  5. Press the # key.
  6. Please complete the following steps before listening to new voicemail messages. Enter 84.
  7. Enter the old password, followed by the # key.
  8. Enter the new password, followed by the # key.
  9. Enter the new password again, followed by the # key.
  10. Enter 82.
  11. Choose which greeting to change.
    * Enter 1 for external greeting. Heard by callers off campus.
    * Enter 2 for internal greeting. Heard by callers on campus.
    * Enter 3 for temporary greeting. Heard by all callers for a temporary time period.
    If there is no internal or temporary greeting set all callers will hear the external greeting.
  12. Enter 76 to delete current greeting.
  13. If you do not first delete the old greeting, the new one will be appended to the end of the old message. Press 5 to begin recording.
  14. Record greeting after the tone.
  15. Press the # key to stop recording.
  16. If you would like to change another greeting repeat from step 11. Press 4 to go to beginning of mail box.
  17. Press 6 to go to first message.
  18. Press 2 to play message.
  19. Enter 76 to delete message or press 6 to go to next message.
  20. Repeat steps 18 and 19 for each message.
  21. Enter 83 or hang up to exit CallPilot.