Student Voicemail

Do I Have Voicemail?

Students are not automatically assigned a voice mailbox. To request one, contact the IT Help Desk (,, 219.464.5678).

What's My Student Voicemail Box Number?

Your personal voice mailbox number will be sent to your Valpo email address via a notification from the Web Help Desk system.

If you lose or delete this email, contact the IT Help Desk.

Steps for Student First Time Access

In order to activate your mailbox, perform these simple steps first.

Dial extension 5300. You will be greeted with "Nortel CallPilot. Mailbox?" Enter the 5 digit mailbox number assigned to you, followed by the number (#) sign. You then enter your password, also followed by the number sign. The default password is three ones followed by your mailbox number.

  1. You will be asked to change your password. It must be 4 to 16 digits in length, and again follow the entry with a number sign. You need to confirm by entering the password a second time.
  2. You will then be asked to record your name in order to identify yourself to callers. At the tone, record your name by speaking into the handset, then press the number sign. It will play the recording back to you. You either press 5 to re-record, or number sign to confirm.

Tip: Need help? Wait for additional instructions, or press the * key for context sensitive help!

Once these steps have been completed, your mailbox is initialized and ready for use. For further instructions and commands, please visit the main voicemail page.