SonicWALL Mobile Device Access

Different options for VPN access on mobile devices are available. iOS devices may use an official app, while Android and Windows Mobile devices may use the downloadable NetExtender client. Palm and Blackberry devices are not supported for VPN access at this time.

SonicWALL Mobile Connect App for iOS Devices

SonicWALL has released an app called Mobile Connect which allows iOS devices to create a secure SSL VPN connection to the Valpo VPN system. Download the app from the App Store:

For instructions on configuring the app, click the VPN for iOS link on the left.

For additional information on the Mobile Connect app, go to:

NetExtender Prerequisites for Windows Mobile Clients

NetExtender supports the following Windows Mobile platforms:

  • Windows Mobile 5 PocketPC version
  • Windows Mobile 6 Professional/Classic version

Windows Mobile 5 Smart Phone version and Windows Mobile 6 Standard version are not currently supported.

NetExtender Prerequisites for Android Smartphone Clients

Important Note: Only rooted devices are supported for NetExtender Android in SonicWALL SSL VPN. Therefore the Valpo IT department recommends against its use.

Warning: Rooting your phone may void your warranty. Consult your contract or User's Guide, or call your service provider for more information.

The NetExtender Android client is supported on rooted smartphones running 1.6 or higher of the Android operating system.

The rooting requirement is due to limitations and restrictions of the Android platform. A VPN client like NetExtender requires root level permission for certain necessary OS level operations. Until a future version of the Android OS provides a flexible API to do these operations without root access, the rooting requirement will remain.

As new features are added, users must install the updated client to access all the features supported by the new firmware. Likewise, if a new client is used with older firmware, some client features may not be functional. For best results, the latest firmware should always be used with the latest client.