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With Web Help Desk, you can accomplish the following without requesting assistance directly from Help Desk staff:

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Web Help Desk offers students, staff, and faculty a simple interface to submit IT requests, view updates on previous requests, and self-serve with an FAQ Knowledge Base. You need only a web browser to utilize Web Help Desk; no flash or other plug-ins is required. Remote access from any location is possible by anyone with an internet connection and a web browser.

Unlike emailing the help desk, which may require several follow up calls and delay in solving the issue as well as lag time in processing the e-mail, Web Help Desk allows you to be specific in your requests and assign it to the correct department. This specific assignment allows for more efficient escalation of your request to the right person and ensures your request is taken care of in a timely manner.





To submit a request, choose the Request icon at the top of the page. This is the default page when you log in.


1. Select IT Request from the Request Type drop-down list.

it request

2. From the second Request Type select the type of help needed from the drop-down box.

it request2

3. A green note may appear, telling you which issues the request category covers. If you do not see your specific issue listed in the instructions, you may want to select another category to ensure your request is sent to the right department.


4. After selecting a more specific request category, another drop down box may appear with a list of specific  issues.

specific category


For example, under Computer issue, you may choose “Computer will not boot,” “Full screen error message,” “Physical damage,” “Unable to login,” “Virus/Malware issue,” among others. Software issues may include software upgrade requests, new software requests, issues specifically with software (rather than the computer), or a software training request.

For any issues relating to the Valpo OneCard, whether they are related to door access, Dining Dollars, Crusader Cash, Bookstore charges, point of sale equipment, BBTS reporting or access, or your physical card, please use the OneCard category.

For issues related to your print queue, a lab or office printer, or to increase your print quota, please use the Printing Request type.


5. Enter all applicable fields, including Subject, Request Detail, and Location. In the Request Detail section, please include specific information about your issue, including where and when the issue occurred, what you need fixed, and the time sensitivity of the issue. Don't forget a VU Tag # if you are reporting issues with a University computer or printer, as well as any applicable error messages.

fill in

6. Note: Some request types have a list of FAQ’s that will be displayed on the right hand side of the page when you choose the request category.

Choose the question for which you would like to see the answer. You can view the solution in a separate window, and you won’t lose your progress on your ticket.



7. When you have entered all the necessary information for the ticket, choose Save at the bottom of the page.

8. Once you click the save button at the bottom of the page, your ticket is submitted, the ticket number
displayed to you, and an email confirmation sent to your account.


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1. To view your recently submitted tickets, choose the History icon at the top of the page.


2. Here you can view and search for all of your tickets by ticket number, date submitted, date updated, or status (open, closed, assigned, cancelled).

ticket history

3. Select the ticket you wish to view by clicking on the blue ticket number. Here you can view or add notes to your open tickets. There is also an option to cancel your ticket if you have resolved the issue.

add note

4. Note: Tech notes within the ticket are color coded to assist in identifying the author or purpose of the note.

  • Yellow notes are notes you have entered into the ticket through the Web Help Desk website or by responding to an e-mail from Web Help Desk.
  • Blue notes are notes (or questions) entered by IT staff into the ticket.
  • Green notes contain the solution for the issue.

colored notes

To check an issue by Ticket Number:

  • If you know the Ticket Number of a specific issue, type this number in the "Ticket No." field and click the "Search" button.

search by number2

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To edit any submitted tickets:

  1. Click the "History" button in Web Help Desk.
  2. Select a ticket by clicking on the blue Ticket Number.
  3. Click "Add Note" to add information to the ticket.  Remember to click "Save" when you are finished!



1. From the main tool bar click the FAQs icon.

faq bar

2. Select IT Requests from the Category drop-down list. An additional Category field displays.

faq drop down

3. Choosing “OneCard” or another specific category will bring up all FAQs for that category. Select “Show Answer” to view the answer.

faq answer

4. You can also search by key phrases or words, or by FAQ number.

faq search

5. You can rate the helpfulness and validity of the FAQ by using the “Vote” option located to the right of the FAQ to assist IT in improving this self-help section for you and other clients.

FAQ vote

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