Valpo Wireless

How to Set Up Mac Wireless

You'll need to:
Make sure that your Airport wireless card is enabled.
Connect to the campus wireless network (SSID "valpo").

Open System Preferences and select "Network."


Choose your Airport interface and click "Configure..."


If the lower-left lock is locked, click it and enter your administrator password. Then click "Options..." to configure your network options.


If you leave the "By default, join" option set at automatic, it should find the wireless network named "valpo." A slightly-more-secure option is to only allow your computer to join "Preferred Networks."


Enter the Network Name "valpo" in the preferred networks setup. This name is also known as the SSID. Click "OK."


The setup with "Preferred networks" should look like this. Click the "Apply Now" button. You can close this window.


If you click on the Airport icon on the menu bar, it should indicate the status of your Airport card.


Lastly, restart your computer. Once your computer has re-booted, open an internet browser and the SafeConnect log in screen will be displayed. Log into the SafeConnect system using your ValpoNet username and password.

You are now connected to the network and can access web resources.


Before you can do other useful things with the network at home (like connecting to the Novell network), you'll need the VPN client.
For instructions on using VPN, go to our VPN webpages with more information.