Hardware Policy
  • IT will support and replace FT faculty and staff machines. New hire purchases of computer equipment are to be purchased by the department.
  • All new equipment that IT provides will include 4 year support on all computers and group printers from Dell, HP and Apple. This will guarantee maintenance costs throughout the replacement cycle. If a department desires a different configuration than the standard replacement, the department is responsible for the difference in cost from the standard replacement price and the equipment purchased by the department. Equipment purchased by departments outside of IT will be the responsibility of the department.
  • Repairs for printers and computer equipment that are outside of any manufacturer warranties will be paid for by the department. This includes batteries for laptops, fusers for legacy printers, etc.
  • IT will have on hand low cost printers that are basically throw a ways to be purchased by departments if needed. These types of printer and equipment cannot be serviced by IT.