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Office of Information Technology

Valparaiso University

Office of Infomation Technology

Administrative System Agreement on Privacy and Confidentiality

(Valparaiso University Policy)


Recognizing the need to maintain individual and institutional rights to privacy and confidentiality AND realizing that, as an agent of Valparaiso University, my assigned responsibilities necessitate the handling of sensitive information about employees, students, alumni, and/or others, I affirm my intention to preserve the strictest standards of confidentiality in the use of this information.

I also understand that Colleague/Benefactor is the primary source of University information for hundreds of users, who depend upon its completeness and accuracy. Therefore,

  1. I will not disclose information that I obtain in performing my duties to anyone who does not require this information in their official capacity;
  2. I will use Colleague/Benefactor only for the purposes for which I am authorized;
  3. I will not disclose my PASSWORD(S) to any person;
  4. I will not allow anyone else, even other authorized users, use of a terminal while it is logged on to Colleague/Benefactor under my LOGIN ID, nor allow casual onlookers to view privileged information;
  5. I will not participate in unauthorized disclosure of any data or password;
  6. I will print records only when necessary;
  7. I will report any attempted or successful violation of institutional or personal security or privacy policies to the System Administrator in MIS (Management Information Systems);
  8. I will not establish separate databases with Colleague/Benefactor data if there are fields for that data within theColleague/Benefactor system;
  9. I will submit updates of data to the appropriate office upon receipt.

I understand the intent of this statement and will exercise diligence in performing my duties in accordance with institutional policies. Furthermore, I understand that Valparaiso University reserves the right to periodically audit my use of Colleague/Benefactor and to revoke my password if I am not adhering to all applicable policies. Any unwarranted and deliberate violations of the terms of this agreement will subject me to disciplinary action, including termination, and/or legal actions. I understand that this agreement does not alter my status as an at-will employee.

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