Electronic mailing lists offer a highly efficient way to both disseminate information to a large number of people and hold long-distance discussions among many people. They are commonly used by Valpo students, faculty, and staff to communicate.

We use a system called Mailman for managing mailing lists. Mailman is a web-based email distribution list manager.

Mailing Lists (List Servs)

A mailing list may be more appropriate than a distribution list (from your email address book) for a long list of recipients. These lists are suggested for groups mailing to twenty or more. One benefit of a mailing list over a distribution list is the header is brief; the names of all individuals receiving the mailing do not appear. List administrators can manage many editable features for their mailing lists through a personalized webpage associated with the list. The administrator of the list is responsible for subscribing and unsubscribing recipients. Mailing lists can be requested by contacting the Help Desk.

Class Mailing Lists

Class mailing lists are a specific type of mailing list with restricted options used on our campus. They are used by professors to send an email to all students registered for any given class. Automated processes on the mailing list server update the email addresses for each list to match the current class roster information. This means that a professor needs to remember only one email address for communicating with their students, as opposed to needing to update their personal address books with the address for each individual student. Professors teaching in any department can use these mailing lists.

All class mailing lists are opt-in, and are not automatically created for every class. Instructions on how to opt-in for your class can be found on this class mailing list tip sheet.

The address to send messages to will use this format:

semester-class-section-l@lists.valpo.edu (ex. 2014fa-mus101-a@lists.valpo.edu)

We use the Mailman system for managing these opt-in class mailing lists.

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