Staff Directory

Kelly Anthony, Associate Director of Admissions

Joseph Baruffi, Director of Student Relations

Deborah Blennerhassett, Circulation/Reserve Supervisor

Jesse Bowman, Digital Services Librarian and Assistant Professor of Law Librarianship

Mike Bushbaum, Associate Law Librarian for Access Services

Lisa Cannon, Director of Experiential Education

Christopher Childers, Senior Executive Director of Marketing and Enrollment

Debra Denslaw, Faculty Services Librarian & Associate Professor of Law Librarianship

Deondra M. Devitt, Assistant Director, Human Resources Generalist

Alison Downey, Associate Administrator Law Library

Tracy L. Fronk, Director of Strategic Initiatives

Deborah Gleason, Registrar & Director of Academic Services

Adam Greathouse, Assistant Director of Admissions

Beth Heinold, Associate Administrator of Admissions

Lorrie Hodge, Assistant Administrator, Dean’s Office

Sally Holterhoff, Govt. Info./Reference Librarian

Nancy Humes, Cataloging/Serials Assistant Law Library

Emily Janoski-Haehlen, Assoc. Dean for Library Services and Associate Professor of Law

Kimberly Kass, Associate Director of Academic Support

Bill Klein, Associate Director of Technology

Heather Klein, Associate Development Director

Karen Koelemeyer, Assistant Admin. Law Review & Administrator, Academic Services

Bethany R. Lesniewski, Director of Academic Support

Annie MacDonald, Associate Administrator for Marketing

Melissa Mundt, Associate Director of Academic Services

Linda Nelson, Administrator to the Dean

Zahra Nwabara, Director of Admissions

Donna Patterson, Associate Director of Technology

Gail Peshel, Interim Executive Director for Career Planning Services

Steve Probst, Assistant Dean for Students, Educational Services Librarian & Director of Academic Success Program

Robyn Rucker, Director of Career Planning, Career Planning Center

Victoria Ryan, Senior Director of Career Planning, Career Planning Center

Jon A. Sanders, Director of Technology

Linda Scarsella, Assistant Director, Staff Accountant

Nicole Skinner, Associate Director of Marketing Communications

Janet Styf, Associate Administrator of Admissions

Larissa Sullivant, Cataloging and Acquisitions Librarian

Kristin Takish, Associate Administrator, Academic Services

Jeremy Telman, Assoc. Dean for Faculty Development and Professor of Law

Sandy Tengblad, Associate Director of Clinical Services

Lisa Todd, Associate Director of Facilities and Events

Vanessa Verner, Associate Director of Alumni Relations

Susan Waldschmidt, Govt. Info. Coordinator

Ann Weitgenant, Assoc. Director of Student Financial Planning

Sharon Wyatt, Assistant Administrator, Law Clinic

Kate Patterson, Assistant Administrator, Law Clinic