Adjunct Faculty

Fall Semester 2014

Ms. Jeanene Calabrese* (245A – Pretrial Skills)
The Honorable Paul Cherry (652A – Trial Practice I)
Mr. Jeff Clymer* (245B – Pretrial Skills)
Ms. Bonnie Coleman* (301C – Law & Literature)
Mr. Dan Gioia (414A – Medical Malpractice)
Mr. David Hollenbeck* (481A – Local Government Law)
Ms. Trista Hudson* (652C – Trial Practice I)
Ms. Heidi Keenan* (400A – Law Practice Management)
Ms. Elizabeth Moore (245 – Pretrial Plenary)
Ms. Jennifer Ortiz (235E – Drafting: Federal Civil Motions)
Mr. Robert Parker (245CPretrial Skills)
Mr. Christopher Schneider (409 Labor Arbitration)
Mr. John Shanahan* (406A – Children & the Law)
Mr. Morrie Sunkel* (513A – Federal Estate & Gift Tax)
Ms. Shelice R. Tolbert* (652B – Trial Practice I)
Mr. Jeffrey Wrage* (652C – Trial Practice I)
Mr. Randall J. Zromkoski * (424A – Social Security: Disability)
Ms. Ana Osan* (662B1 – Clinic Juvenile)

Spring Semester 2015

Mr. Philip Brzozowski (445A – Labor Law)
The Honorable Roger Bradford*  (652ATrial Practice I)
Ms. Jeanene Calabrese* (652B – Trial Practice I)
The Honorable Paul Cherry (482A – Advanced Discovery)
Ms. Susan Collins (653A – Trial Practice II)
Ms. M. Elizabeth Flores (235J – Drafting: Juvenile/Child)
Mr. Brian Gensel* (652C – Trial Practice I)
Mr. Dan Gioia (430A – Medicine, Law & Ethics)
Mr. David Hollenbeck* (444A – Worker’s Compensation Law)
Mr. James Hough* (430A – Medicine, Law & Ethics)
Ms. Trista Hudson* (245A – Pretrial Skills)
Ms. Alissa Kohlhoff* (487A – Elder Law)
The Honorable Kathleen Lang (245B – Pretrial Skills)
The Honorable John Martin* (652C – Trial Practice I)
Ms. Teresa Massa* (680A – Client Counseling)
Ms. Kerry Pangere* (245C – Pretrial Skills)
Ms. Ljubica Popovic (245D – Pretrial Skills)
The Honorable John Sedia (485P – Family Law Practicum)
Mr. Morrie Sunkel* (531A – Estate Planning)
Mr. Bill Trowbridge* (235B – Drafting: Business)
Mr. Charles Vaughan* (652A – Trial Practice I)
Ms. Ana Osan* (662B2 – Clinic Juvenile)

*Valparaiso University Law School Alumnus