Ivan Bodensteiner
Professor of Law


Professor Bodensteiner started his teaching career in the Clinical Program at Valparaiso University Law School and started a Federal Practice Clinic, a twelve-credit program that included a three-credit course in federal practice.  This program was coordinated with two not-for-profit organizations that provided legal representation in matters of importance to low-income individuals throughout the State of Indiana.  In 1977, Professor Bodensteiner left teaching for two years and returned to practice with Legal Services Programs, first with the program in Hawaii and then with two programs in Indiana.

Upon his return to the Law School, Professor Bodensteiner initially taught Civil Procedure and Trial Practice before moving into Evidence, Constitutional Law, Civil Rights, and Torts.  In 1985, he and Professor Levinson published a multi-volume civil rights treatise, which now consists of five volumes with annual revisions and an annual supplement.  Later, in 2009, he and Professor Levinson published a Civil Rights textbook that is currently used in the Civil Rights course at the Law School.

While serving as Dean of the Law School, 1985–90, Professor Bodensteiner proposed the pro bono requirement for graduation, which was adopted by the faculty and, with a few modifications, remains in effect today.  Currently, students are required to engage in forty hours of pro bono service during their second–third years of law school, under the supervision of an attorney.  During a second term as Dean, in 1997–98, Professor Bodensteiner initiated the honors program, which was approved by the faculty as a means of recruiting students with superior academic credentials.

Currently, Professor Bodensteiner’s scholarship addresses primarily constitutional and civil rights issues.  He regularly teaches at CLE events and is a member of the American Bar Association, the Indiana Bar Association, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the American Association for Justice.  He also serves on the boards of several not-for-profit organizations, including Indiana Legal Services, Inc., which serves the entire State of Indiana.