Degree & Dual Degree Programs

Degree Programs

Juris Doctor Degree (JD)

Valparaiso Law offers a three-year, full-time program; an accelerated program; and a five-year, part-time day program leading to the degree of Juris Doctor. The degree is conferred upon recommendation of the faculty of the Valparaiso University Law School.

3 year full-time | 5 year part-time | 2 1/2 year accelerated

Master of Laws Degree (LLM)

The Master of Laws is designed for international students who have a law degree and wish to enhance their understanding of the American legal system. Students in the LLM program take classes with students enrolled in the Juris Doctor (JD) program and are encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities with JD students.

Students complete the program as a full-time student in one to one and one-half years. The LLM program allows students to choose their own area of concentration. With the assistance and approval of the program director, students will develop a specific area of study that coincides with their individual needs and interests.

Dual Degrees

Valparaiso Law’s dual degree program permits students to begin the master’s portion of the curriculum first or to complete it concurrently. This distinctive approach enhances post-law school career opportunities by providing valuable educational and professional experience prior to graduation.

JD / Psychology

Many aspects of legal practice include a psychological dimension. Professional legal practice includes nuanced interviewing skill, empathy for clients, inference of motivation, prediction of recidivism, modification of behavior, and consumption of psychological reports and expert testimony. The four-year JD/MA Psychology program provides traditional legal training, exposure to psychological theory and methods, and integrative training in the application of psychological foundations to the practice of law. The 30-hour curriculum for the Master of Arts is specifically designed to support and inform the practice of law rather than to prepare for the practice of psychology.

JD / Clinical Mental Health Counseling

The JD/MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling is an extension of the above program that includes the graduate psychology courses and applied experiences required for those interested in licensure as a mental health counselor in Indiana and most other states.

JD / MA in Chinese Studies

The JD/MA in Chinese Studies (MACS) program equips law students to meet the growing demand for fluent Chinese speakers who possess conventional degrees and professional experience. The innovative MACS curriculum prepares students who have at least two years of college Chinese instruction for the opportunities and challenges China’s emergence as a formidable political and economic force poses for the international community. The 37-credit MACS program emphasizes developing fluency in Mandarin Chinese and an understanding of Chinese cultures, politics, history, and society. Students must apply to and be admitted by both Valparaiso University Law School and Valparaiso University Graduate Office.

JD / MA in Liberal Studies

The JD/MALS program enables Valparaiso Law students to take advantage of the wide range of concentrations offered in the MALS graduate program. The flexible nature of the MALS makes the degree an attractive enhancement to the JD. Students must apply to and be admitted by both Valparaiso University Law School and the Valparaiso University Graduate Office.

JD  / Master of Business Administration

The JD/MBA program offers students the opportunity to pursue both degrees simultaneously. Credit sharing between the two programs allows most participants to complete the curriculum within four years. Admission to the JD/MBA requires both the LSAT and the GMAT. Annual tuition for the program is the same as Valparaiso University Law School tuition.

JD / MS in International Commerce & Policy

The JD/MS in International Commerce and Policy enables law students to broaden their understanding of international business, policy, and economics while pursuing a JD. Students can draw elective coursework from business, political science, economics, law, and foreign language courses.

JD / MS in Sports Administration

The JD/MS in Sports Administration permits law students to enhance their understanding of how sports programs, personnel, and facilities are managed. The 35-credit MA program capitalizes on Valparaiso University’s NCAA Division I status and may have special interest to JD students interested in entertainment law, sports, athletics, or recreation.

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