Honors Program

The Honors Program is an intentionally small, personal cohort of bright, hard-working students led by Professor Rosalie Levinson. Admission to the program is by invitation, and students who accept the Honors Program challenge will be part of a unique learning community designed to help them excel in the study of law.

Selection Process

Following completion of the first-semester curriculum, students who display excellent credentials are invited to apply to the Honors Program. Invitations to apply are extended to the top 30 students in the first-year class, based on class rank, leadership and writing ability, and professionalism. Candidates submit a resume and references and interview with the program director, who makes final selection decisions. Inductees are welcomed at an annual Honors Program Reception each February.

Program Features

  • Third Semester Constitutional Law II (Honors section)
  • Externship or Clinic (approved by Honors Director)
  • Opportunity to apply for federal judicial clerkship positions

“Being a part of the honors program gave me the opportunity to secure an invaluable internship with the United States Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit, with the Honorable Judge Ripple. This experience in the federal appellate branch has been a great aid in moot court competition, interview conversations, and in shaping my career interests.  In addition, participating in an honors section of a required 2L course (in my case Evidence) provided a seminar atmosphere. During the small, discussion-based class we applied the law, but were also enouraged to question and explore alternative solutions. The small size ensured that every question or idea could be heard and discussed.”

–Abigail Rom, Honors Program Member, Class of 2009