Louis F. Bartelt, Jr., Professionalism Series

The Louis F. Bartelt, Jr., Professionalism Series is designed to communicate the values and ideals of the legal profession to students as well as equip them with the skills and attitudes that will be expected of them upon graduation. Although the programs are open to everyone, all J.D. students are required to attend at least one program in the Professionalism Series each semester they are enrolled.

Current Professionalism Series Brochure

Monday, January 11

5:00 p.m.
Location: Tabor
Slam the Exam: Passing the Bar Exam the First Time
VULS Alumni
Presented by ASP

Thursday, January 14

4:00 p.m
Location: Tabor
Martin Luther King, Jr. Lecture. Wanda Akin & Raymond Brown – International Justice Project

Thursday, January 21

5:00 p.m.
Location: Wesemann Café
Diversity and Inclusion Forum
Facilitators: Valparaiso University Professors Liz Wuerffel, Allison Schuette, and Heath Carter Presented by the Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Thursday, January 28

3:30 p.m.
Location: Ulbricht
Legal Rebel
Mark Roscoe, Emmy-award winning designer and attorney, David Kwait, Vice President, Staff Attorney, Wealth Management at Peoples Bank
Presented by CPC

Friday, January 29

2:30 p.m.
Location: Ulbricht
Applying for the Indiana Bar: Q & A with the Board of Law Examiners
Bradley Skolnick & Tina Hopson, Indiana Board of Law Examiners
Presented by ASP

Thursday, February 11

3:30 p.m
Location: Ulbricht
Professionalism in Communications
Dr. Marlane Steinwart

Thursday, March 31

3:30 p.m
Location: Ulbricht
Law Practice Management What You Need to Know as a New Lawyer.
Candace Armstrong / Heidi Keenan
Presented by CPC

Thursday, April 21

4:00 p.m.
Location: Tabor
Tabor Lecture: Evolving Standards of Decency that Mark the Progress of a Maturing Society: Evolving Views from the Bench and the Future of the American Death Penalty
Jordan Steiker, Judge Robert M. Parker Endowed Chair in Law, The University of Texas at Austin School of Law
Carole Steiker, Henry J. Friendly Professor of Law, Harvard Law School

Professionalism Education Requirement

All J.D. students at Valparaiso University Law School are subject to a professionalism education requirement, similar to the continuing legal education requirements they will encounter in practice. The purpose of this requirement is to build upon classroom efforts to communicate the values and ideals of the legal profession to students during the formation of their professional identities.

The Office of Student Services has established the Professionalism Series of programs, which are designed to reinforce the values and ideals of the legal profession taught in the classroom. General topics for these programs will include, but not be limited to: legal ethics, professional judgment, the practice of law, wellness, substance abuse, diversity, communication skills, and networking.

To meet the professionalism education requirement, both full and parttime students must attend at least one (1) program of their choice from the Professionalism Series each semester they are enrolled at the School of Law until they have attended six (6) Professionalism Series events. Students in the accelerated J.D. program must attend two (2) Professionalism Series events during their last semester in order to satisfy this requirement. Part-time students are only required to attend Professionalism Series events during the first six (6) semesters they are enrolled, though they are encouraged to continue attending these events until graduating.