Externship Guidelines Non-Judicial

Non-Judicial Externship Syllabus – Fall2015

NOTE: Must upload all documents via Westlaw’s TWEN for all mid-term and final report submissions.

Learning Objective – by Friday, September 4 – The purpose of this report is to state your goals and expectations for the semester in your externship. Understanding your goals will guide your reflections expressed in your work journal. Submit a 1 page Word document to TWEN for Professor Howard to review detailing your learning agenda and share this with your field supervisor early in the semester. Include your name and externship on the document and in the document title for EACH assignment submitted.

1. Mid-term Reports – due Monday, October 5 – It is critical that your field supervisor’s evaluation and your reports are received on time. Plan accordingly and provide ample notice. Do not wait until the due date to request a mid-term evaluation from your field supervisor.

a. Time Log to date – Must be signed by Field Supervisor, with hours totaled. Hours completed should be approximately half the hours required for the full semester’s credit. You will not be eligible to decrease your extern credit past the drop/add deadline one week after class begins. Time Log is available on extern website, and must be uploaded to TWEN by deadline.

b. Journal to date – Maintain a journal in a Word document with an entry for each day or few days you spend in your externship.Follow this required format:

  1. Tell the story of your workplace engagement.
  2. How did you feel about your contributions?
  3. What have you learned?
  4. What have you accomplished toward fulfilling your learning objectives?

c. Work Product to date – Keep an electronic file of all final copies of your work product in Word format. Before you submit it, make sure that your Field Supervisor approves (some of your work product may not be appropriate for disclosure). If you are unable to submit work due to confidentiality, please note this in your work journal.

d. Field Supervisor’s Mid-term Evaluation of your work – please ask your Field Supervisor to submit it to you personally (as it is shared with each student once completed). You must submit this evaluation along with your other reports in TWEN.  Confirm you submit the “Non-Judicial” form.

2. Final Reports – due Monday, December 7 – Submitted via Westlaw’s TWEN in Word format

a. Remaining time log – Signed by supervisor, with hours totaled which must equal amount required for your extern credits (45 hours per credit)

b. Final journal – Beginning at mid-term journal’s end, please do not submit entire journal again

c. Work product – Include only your work completed since Mid-term Report

d. Field Supervisor’s Final Evaluation – Ask Field Supervisor to return forms to you for uploading to TWEN.

e. Part I Student Evaluation of your Externship/Field Supervisor – You must complete an evaluation of your Field Supervisor at the end of the semester to obtain credit. Form is found on the TWEN website and must be uploaded by deadline, with your final materials. Part II is not required.

f. Final Analysis and Reflection – This entry should be at least one page in length as a separate Word document. Draw the entire experience to a close taking time to reflect on what was included in your learning objective early in the semester and what your experiences taught you about law, the profession, and yourself, as a future attorney.

TWEN Submissions for Fall 2015 Non-Judicial Externship

1. Sign on to: using your Westlaw password. Click the TWEN tab at top.

2. You MUST include your name, date, externship and assignment name on EACH document. Also, add your name in the title of your document for uploaded submissions for each assignment.

3. Click on Non-Judicial Externship

4. Click on Assignment Drop Box – You will find a table that includes due date and the course assignment.

Date Due Course Assignment Date Submitted Version Response
MON,  10/5/2015 5:00 PM CDT Journal Submit
MON, 10/5/2015 5:00 PM CDT Mid-Term Field Supervisor Evaluation Submit
MON, 10/5/2015 5:00 PM CDT Time Log Submit
MON, 10/5/2015 5:00 PM CDT Written Work Product Submit

5. To submit your documents, save them on your law school computer drive or a USB thumb-drive and submit each assignment to the appropriate folder above by the deadline. Try to combine multiple documents (work product, etc.) into one Word or PDF file for easier upload.

6. You MUST include your name in the title of your document for uploaded submissions for each assignment!

7. When you click on “submit your document” the screen allows you to browse for the appropriate document in “File to upload” field. Then click “SUBMIT.”

8. It is recommended you complete all documents in Word Format for easy access to downloads and uploads. If you submit files in PDF format, you will need to scan your documents first once they are completed. Scanners are available in the computer lab.

9. If you need assistance, the law school Westlaw reps may be able to provide assistance or contact Customer Support in the bottom left frame or email

There are 2 parties with whom you will be involved in each externship:

1. Field Supervisor at the extern site

2. Director of the Externship Program – Derrick Howard

Good Luck and enjoy your Fall 2015 Externship!