Frequently Asked Questions


ValpoNet is a single sign-on program where you will have one password for many other services. Your ValpoNet username and password are used to access CourseVu, DataVu and Intranet. You must change this password every 180 days.  Students, Faculty, and Staff will be able to login to Google Apps using their firstname.lastname and the ValpoNet password.

Changing the ValpoNet password

Students, Faculty and Staff are able to change their passwords at the ValpoNet website.  The ability to set security questions will allow you to change your password if you forget it by answering the questions and providing your student/employee ID number at the ValpoNet site.  In the event that you forgot your email password, got locked out of your email/DataVU account or unable to use the security question options, you will need to take your student ID and go to the Help Desk located in the lower level of the Christopher Center.

Law Network

Your network password is used to log in to any kiosk or lab computer in the law school. This password does not expire, but can be changed at any time.

Changing the law school network password

After logging on to the network, press the Ctrl-Alt-Del sequence you use to login and then select the “Change Password” button on the screen. The computer will prompt you for your current password and then your new password. Make sure you retype your new password correctly in the verification line or it will reject your attempt at making the change.

My network account is locked

Contact Donna Patterson ( or 465-7843) to unlock your network account.


E-mail will be handled through Google Apps along with Calendaring, Instant Messaging, and Google Docs, Spreadsheets, and Presentations.  Access to Gmail@Valpo can be found at

Electronic Signature Guidelines

Every e-mail you send should have an email “signature.” This is text that is automatically attached to the bottom of your email message. It provides useful information to your correspondents. It can even provide some marketing information about our law school as well as information about you. Please create your Law School email signature with these guidelines in mind.

Forwarding Email

Valparaiso University staff and faculty e-mail accounts may be forwarded to another account through the IT Tools page (

For those who wish to forward their email, please follow the set of instructions below:

  1. Log into Gmail@Valpo using your username and password.
  2. Click on settings in the upper right corner.
  3. Click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP.
  4. Select “Forward a copy of incoming mail to…” and fill in the appropriate information.
For more information, please visit

Out of Office Reply

  • Login to Valpo Gmail
  • Click on the Gear in the upper right corner for settings
  • Under the General Settings, scroll down to the Vacation Responder section
  • Select either Vacation Responder off or Vacation Responder on
  • Click in the box next to First Day: and select a date
  • (Optional) Click on the check box next to Ends and then select a date
  • Enter a subject
  • Enter a message
  • If you wish to send responses to the people in your Contacts, check that box
  • To send a vacation response to only those at the University, check the second box.
  • At the bottom of the page, click on Save Changes
  • Whenever your Vacation Responder is active and you login to Gmail, you will see a banner that tells you that the responder is active and gives you a chance to cancel the responder.  You can always revist the Mail Settings to cancel the responder

I forgot my password

Email (ValpoNet) password resets and unlocks are done by IT Help Desk located on the lower level of The Christopher Center. You must bring your student ID with you for verification.

Network password resets are done by Donna Patterson. You may stop by her office during normal business hours, email her at or call 465-7843.


Valpo Law uses a “pay for print” system in the student computer labs to help control excessive print waste. Each student begins each semester with 350 pages of paper credited to his or her network account. Obviously, each page printed deducts one page from the student’s account. Students can check their print balances at any time by rolling the mouse pointer over the dollar sign that appears in the lower right corner of any of the computer lab PCs.

Students can purchase additional pages from Donna Patterson throughout the work week. Students must plan ahead if they think they may run out of paper and will need additional sheets credited to their accounts over the weekend.

Each page costs $0.05. Valpo Law prefers if students purchase paper in increments of at least $5.00, but will take less if the situation demands. Any amount left in a student’s account will carry over into the next academic year. So, if a student only uses 200 pages of the allotted 700 for a particular year, she will start the next year with 850 sheets in her account.

Since the print balance is directly connected to the students’ network accounts, it is very important that each student logout of the computer when he or she is finished working.

I have a technology question

Any questions you might have regarding technology can be directed to Donna Patterson, Associate Director of Technology. Her office is located on the second floor of the library by the spiral staircase. You may also email her at or call 465-7843.

Online Exams

In order to use the ExamSoft software to take your exam(s) online, you must already have a laptop, an enabled wireless card, and have your laptop on the VU Law wireless network.  You will not be allowed to use a University-owned computer to take your exam(s) online!

Mac Users

ExamSoft now runs on Mac operating systems.  Please note that the latest version, Lion, is still in testing mode with ExamSoft.  Updates will be provided once it is out of the testing phase.

If you meet the above conditions, then you will need to come to one of the informational seminars offered by Karen Koelemeyer, our resident ExamSoft administrator. There will be sign-up sheets at Mrs. Koelemeyer’s desk that you will need to fill out. After attending one of the training sessions, you will need to install the ExamSoft software on your laptop and then take the practice exam. All of these details are covered in depth at the training sessions. Students wishing to use ExamSoft during exams will need to attend a training session during the offered sessions.

You must attend one of the sessions and take the ExamSoft practice exam before you will be able to take your real exam online!

Undergraduate computer facilities

In order to use any of the computers on the undergraduate side of campus, you will need to use your Novell/NDS login. All law students have an NDS account, even though they are only used on the other side of campus. Login information is as follows:

.username.first letter of last

for John Doe it would be “”

Password will be the same as your ValpoNet password.

Network drive space

Every student has a portion of the network server for saving their files.  We strongly recommend that students save their documentation to this space. Saving to the network requires that a student be logged in to any lab/kiosk machine.  You may either work from the lab pc and save your work to your secure space, or transfer your files from your USB key to your network space.

Reserving AV technology and/or classroom technology assistance

All classrooms and seminar rooms are equiped with computers, document cameras, projection equipement and cabling to connect your computer with classroom equipment.  Most Windows-based laptops will connect with the equipment easily.  Mac users will need to have an adapter to connect their laptop to the system.  Please visit theApple Store to purcahse an adapter.

Projectors are available for students to reserve if they have a presentation scheduled in an area that does not have a projector. Assistance in utilizing the classroom technology for meetings or presentations is also available. Please contact Donna Patterson at least 72 hours before your scheduled presentation to reserve a projector or request assistance.


Blackboard is the Law School Online Course software. Use your ValpoNet username and password to log in to Blackboard. Only the courses faculty members have activated will be seen.


Use DataVU to view confirm registration, view grades, and many other academic services.

There is something wrong with my laptop

Valpo Law has arranged a special discounted repair fee with Bucher Technologies for all law student laptops (or desktops). They are located on the north side of town, just off Calumet at 402 Wall St. Their telephone number is 465-4500.

Obviously, the preferred route is to have your computer repaired under a warranty contract with your computer vendor or retailer. However, this is not always feasible. Other vendors, such as BestBuy, E&S Computer Consultants (219-531-9696) Golden Technologies, Priority Computers & Service (219-548-2688), can repair your laptop as well.

Should your laptop need repair, under warranty, and you purchased it through an electronics/appliance store such as Best Buy, Apple, etc., make sure you back up all of your files prior to having it serviced. Those companies have a notorious habit of formatting hard disks to “see if it fixes the problem” before they send it back to the manufacturer for repair service. Obviously, the same holds true for any OEM like Gateway, Dell, Compaq, IBM, etc.