Valpo Law uses a “pay for print” system in the student computer labs to help control excessive print waste. Each student begins each semester with 350 pages of paper credited to his or her network account. Obviously, each page printed deducts one page from the student’s account. Students can check their print balances at any time by rolling the mouse pointer over the dollar sign that appears in the lower right corner of any of the computer lab PCs.

Students can purchase additional pages from any of the Information Technology staff (Jon Sanders, Donna Patterson, or William Klein) throughout the work week. Students must plan ahead if they think they may run out of paper and will need additional sheets credited to their accounts over the weekend.

Each page costs $0.05. Valpo Law prefers if students purchase paper in increments of at least $5.00, but will take less if the situation demands. Any amount left in a student’s account will carry over into the next academic year. So, if a student only uses 200 pages of the allotted 700 for a particular year, she will start the next year with 850 sheets in her account.

Since the print balance is directly connected to the students’ network accounts, it is very important that each student logout of the computer when he or she is finished working.