Undergraduate Computer Access

Valpo’s award-winning Christopher Center for Library and Information Resources serves as an impressive symbol of the University’s commitment to providing excellent facilities for library services and information technology. It also has been described as a model for educational institutions in bringing the two types of information services into a single facility.

The Christopher Center houses the University’s primary library services, including extensive support for student research, which are complemented by the holdings in the specialized library in the Law School. It also is home to the Writing Center and the Information Technology staff, a fact that isn’t surprising since the building is filled with computers offering quick access to the Internet and has a Help Desk staffed to provide training and technology support for the campus community. There are even computers in the in-house café because having a latte or your favorite soft drink while using the library is encouraged. Or you might prefer to take your drink to one of the fireplace lounges and use the wireless environment to access the Internet with your laptop.

The excitement of uncovering new information is heightened when you can make the discoveries in the comfort of Valpo’s libraries with the aid of contemporary technology.

In order to use the computers at the Christopher Center you will need to use your Novell/NDS login. All law students have an NDS account, even though they are only used on the other side of campus. Login information is as follows:

.username.first letter of last (for John Doe, it would be “”)