Tuition and Fees 2014-2015


Tuition $38,740
Fees $872
Total Tuition/Fees $39,612
Maximum Federal Direct Loan Eligiblity (FAFSA)* -$20,500
Additional Federal Loan Eligibility (Grad Plus)* $19,112
Living Expenses**
Room $6,500
Board $2,300
Books/Supplies $1,200
Misc./Personal $1,600
Transportation (amount varies) $750
Loan Fees $1,400
Total Living Expenses (May be covered by Grad Plus Loan)** $12,150
Total Cost of Attendance:  Tuition, Fees & Living Expenses $53,362


*Direct Loan and Grad Plus Loan program eligibilities are determined after submission of all required documents. Students who are awarded a scholarship may not qualify for all of the federal loan money available.

**Other than tuition and fees, your actual cost of attendance depends on your personal spending habits. Your total aid may not exceed the cost of attendance. There is no difference in cost between in state and out-of state student residency.

Part time students pay $1,520 per credit hour with a minimum of 8 credit hours each semester (=$24,320) their first year. Student fees for the part-time program are $430 per year. Part time students may be eligible for up to $20,500 from the Direct Loans program as well as for loans from the Grad Plus loan program.

Additional Funds Calculator

To determine how much additional money you may need, calculate the:

Total Cost of Attendance $53,362
minus: Total Financial Aid Awarded (found on your award letter)* $_______
= Additional funds needed $_______


*You can apply for a Grad Plus or private loan beginning April 1. Credit checks on Grad Plus loan are only good for 90 days.