Reading Assignments

  • Please read The Buffalo Creek Disaster by Gerald M. Stern. Available at the campus bookstore or other book retailers.
  • An introduction to case briefing session will be held during orientation. Please read the attached case and complete the “Beginning Case-Reading Worksheet.” Bring the case and your completed worksheet to the first day of orientation
  • What It Means To Be a Lawyer - Student Break-Out Groups. Read these two documents in preparation for the class session on what it means to be a lawyer scheduled for Thursday, August 15. Students will be divided into 4 groups and sent to 4 different classrooms for this session. The session will be conducted as a regular class and led by law professors. Please read the two documents and be prepared to discuss. Before Orientation you will be sent a list of questions to consider for the session.
  • Writing an Effective Paragraph - Read this document in preparation for the class session on writing an effective paragraph scheduled for Wednesday, August 15.