Trial Advocacy

Mission Statement

Valparaiso’s Trial Advocacy team is comprised of 2L’s and 3L’s interested in the art of trial advocacy. The team’s mission is to foster the art of trial advocacy through a classroom component, an intraschool competition, and various competitions against other law schools across the country.

Trial Advocacy is intended to develop students’ oral advocacy skills, case preparation and presentation, and understanding of the ethical issues involved in trial advocacy. The team is dedicated to personal and professional development through working with local practitioners, judges, and professors to develop trial advocacy skills.

Letter from the President

Welcome to the Valparaiso Law Trial Advocacy Website. I am pleased and honored to be the 2012-2013 Chairperson for this great organization. The Trial Advocacy team has a long standing tradition of competing in tournaments across the country and fostering student growth through teaching and developing advocacy skills.

Some years ago, the Valparaiso Mock Trial team was reconstructed and become the Trial Advocacy program, as it remains today. The program has grown dramatically, growing in size and competing in new tournaments across the country in hopes of representing Valparaiso Law respectably and competitively. Our team is blessed with a great support system. We are able to do the great things we currently do with the help of our coaches, Trista Hudson, Steve Langer, and Del Wright. We also gain faculty support through the guidance of our advisor professor David Vandercoy.

It is my goal as acting Chairperson to continue the development of our team members and truly take our team to new heights. Our goals for the year are to represent our school better than ever before, by competing at higher levels and traveling to new tournaments to represent Valparaiso Law. It is my honor to represent this fine organization.

Please feel free to email me anytime with further questions.

Matthew Heiting, Chairperson