Disability Accommodations

To All New Students:

Valparaiso University Law School strives to assure that staff and students with disabilities have access to the full range of programs and services it offers. The Law School will work with people with disabilities in the development and implementation of reasonable accommodations to allow access to both its physical facilities and its educational and extracurricular programs. Accommodation requests are reviewed and approved by Zebadiah Hall, Director of Disability Support Services. Students wishing to pursue a request should email Zebadiah at directly. Please visit the Disability Support Services webpage at for additional information.

It is the responsibility of the person with a disability to self-identify to the Director of Disability Support Services and request accommodations if they are necessary. If you require an accommodation, please complete the necessary Student Request form for Accommodations and return it to Disability Support Services at Also required is documentation, generally consisting of a report from an appropriate professional, explaining the testing that has been completed, the diagnosis, the major life activity that is affected by the disability, and a recommendation of appropriate accommodations. The Guidelines for Documentation can be found HERE.

Pursuant to the Law School Bulletin, the Law School shall keep in confidence all medical or clinical records and data, and all other information submitted by or in connection with a student’s request for accommodation pursuant to all applicable federal, state, and University laws and policies.

The deadlines to submit accommodation request applications for examinations and documentation of disability are as follows: Fall semester – September 1; Spring semester – February 2; and Summer sessions – May 16. Classroom accommodation requests and documentation are due prior to enrolling. If you have questions regarding accommodations, please contact the Director of Disability Support Services, Zebadiah Hall  at 219.464.6496 or


David Cleveland

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs