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  • Personalized Teaching: Teaching and learning at Valparaiso Law are personalized and collaborative. We help you succeed in your learning and your professional endeavors.
  • New Curriculum: Valparaiso Law implemented a new curriculum in fall 2013. This innovative curriculum addresses the legal profession’s changing dynamics and prepares students to be practice-ready at graduation.
  • Exceptional Legal Research and Writing: Among the most important skills for lawyers are writing and research. Valparaiso Law has long had a distinctive three-year program of writing and research, which distinguishes our graduates through their comprehensive skills.
  • Clinics and Experiential Education: Students gain extensive professional and practical experience through nine in-house live client clinics, externships, internships, skills courses, pro bono work, and moot court and other competitive competition teams. Our graduates start their careers with confidence that grows from experience.
  • Diversity: Valparaiso Law is constituted by students of every racial group, and of countless ethnicities, religions, nationalities, orientations, backgrounds, and beliefs. The diversity of the Law School is central to who we are.
  • Law as a Calling: We are a community dedicated to imparting not just skills and knowledge, but values, self-understanding, and a commitment to service. Our graduates are not just good lawyers, but good people, who use their knowledge and influence to provide service for good. 


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Our Alumni Reflect on the Advantages of Their Valparaiso Law Education

Jonathan Sichtermann, Class of 2012, says that the writing and appellate advocacy training he received at Valparaiso Law is important in his current position as a Deputy Indiana Attorney General:  “I learned how to write a better appellate brief—learning the finer points courts looks for, how to get more policy into my briefs, and how to show the courts why the law needs to change.”

Chelsey Newcomb, Class of 2013, made her choice because of community:  “Few schools actually deliver community.  At Valparaiso Law, students and faculty really care, and they hold nothing back.  It’s not about winning and making it to the top…we’re all here together to succeed in our law school experience.”

Tim Rigdon, Class of 2011, now the Risk Manager at Transportation Solutions Enterprises, feels his business externship at ArcelorMittal gave him valuable professional experience: “Going beyond the classroom and acquiring hands-on experience at a Fortune Global 500 company gave me practical skills and knowledge that has greatly enhanced the start of my career in corporate law.”

Lakeisha Murdaugh, Class of 2012, now an associate at the law firm of McCain & White, PC, feels her training as a member of the oral advocacy team offered her “mentors that helped me develop writing and oral advocacy skills and prepare my arguments.” In turn, she ran for and won a leadership position on Moot Court so “I could give back what others had poured into me.”