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As a student in the Continuing Education Division at Valparaiso University, we understand that you have special needs and interests. For example, we recognize that you are interested in getting through college as quickly as possible and that you are constantly in search of the best value of your money. More...




NOVEMBER 6-12, 2011

What is a non-traditional student?

They have not attended post-secondary education directly outside of high school.

They are usually employed full-time while attending classes part-time.

They are financially independent.

They have dependents other than a spouse.

They can be a single parent.

They are normally over the age of 24.

For those of you who make the sacrifice to better your education, HATS OFF to you!!! 

This is YOUR week!



College of Adult Scholar Programs
Non-Degree Programs at VU
For Prospective Students

The College of Adult Scholars is a special program for highly motivated adult students, starting or returning to college to seek a first or second degree, on a part-time basis.  The College has its own mission, students, and tuition structure.


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