A Scanmark 2500 machine(tm) is available for processing standardized Scantron forms. Valpo uses a custom-printed form that accommodates 200 multiple-choice questions on the front, and room for longhand answers on the back. It also contains the VU Honor Code and a place for students to sign that Code.

The IT Help Desk offers self-service Scantron exam grading. Step-by-step instructions are available in a binder next to the Scantron workstation, located in the copy room on the first floor of the Christopher Center, or may be downloaded as a .pdf form.

Limited staff are available to process exams, so we strongly encourage instructors to take advantage of self-service processing. To submit Scantron exams for processing, please include a Scantron Exam Grading Form (pdf).

Instructors who would like to use the Scantron forms for exams should keep these paramenters in mind:

  • Each batch of exams must include the answer key with all correct answers marked appropriately.
  • No question can have more than 5 possible answers (A-E). A question's correct answer can be a combination of choices (A and C) or one of several choices (A, C, or D).
  • Each question will have a default weight of 1 point; instructors may specify which questions carry a weight greater than 1 point.
  • Each form MUST contain the student's 7-digit ID number with the appropriate bubbles filled in. Forms without a 7-digit ID number are rejected by the scanner; IT staff will not modify exam forms to fill in the ID numbers.
  • Each group of exams submitted for scoring must be accompanied by a Scantron Exam Grading Form.
  • The Scantron Exam Grading Form allows the submitter to indicate which reports are desired. Samples of the reports are available upon request.
  • Exams must be brought to the Christopher Center in person (not sent though campus mail) and signed in for security, and must be signed out when they are picked up after having been graded.
  • Exams can only be released to the person(s) whose name is listed on the Scantron Exam Grading form, unless we receive an email from the instructor indicating otherwise.

The Help Desk also offers processing for Scantron surveys. Departments are also welcome to self-service process surveys if so desired; we can provide training and instructions for this task. IT strives to complete the processing of evaluations as quickly as possible; however, during certain times of the year (semester transitions) we experience a high volume of requests which tends to slow processing time. Additionally, exams are given a higher priority than surveys.  To submit Scantron surveys for processing, please include a Scantron Evaluation Assessment Form (pdf).

Departments desiring to use Scantron forms for suveys should follow these guidelines:

  • Be sure to submit a copy of the survey questions along with your Scantron forms, so that IT can process the surveys as quickly as possible after receiving them. The survey can be submitted electronically on disk or as an e-mail attachment, or in paper form.
  • Each group of surveys submitted for processing should be in a separate envelope, clearly labeled with the course number, section letter, instructor, and semester (for course evaluations) or other appropriate labeling information (for other types of surveys).
  • All of the surveys can be submitted under one Scantron Evaluation Assessment Form. This form allows the submitter to indicate what kind of reports are expected. Samples of reports are available upon request.

To purchase blank Scantron forms, contact the Help Desk and specify the amount of packets you need. Scantron forms are only available in packets of 100, and cost $20.00 per packet. IT staff will arrange for a funds transfer from the purchasing department. When the funds transfer is complete, the requester will be notified that they may pick up the Scantron form packets from the Help Desk.

If you have any additional questions about Scantron processing, please contact the Help Desk at 219.464.5678 or at