Living Learning Communities

Living-Learning Communities

2015-2016 Academic Year


Applications for Compass and Fit will be available February 2nd-February 13th via the Housing Self-Service. 


Compass: International Experience Community

This LLC is for students who want to develop an awareness of global issues, to learn about different cultures, and to gain the awareness, knowledge, and skills to interact with those from other cultures. Programs are intended to promote values of global diversity and to provide meaningful exploration of different cultural ideas and experiences. This community will be located in Beacon Hall. Participation is limited to 20-25 students.

The application for Compass will be available February 2nd-February 13th via the Housing Self-Service. 


Fit: Healthy Lifestyles Community

This community provides a support group with various types of programming offered for students interested in living healthy lifestyles. Structured programs centering around health, wellness, and fitness are offered regularly. This community of students will commit to the priorities and goals embodied by healthy living. Membership is limited to 15-20 students.

The application for Fit will be available February 2nd-February 13th via the Housing Self-Service. 


Brothers Reaching Out (B.R.O.) Community

The Brothers Reaching Out (B.R.O.) community is part of the Chapel ministry outreach. This community is designed to create fellowship and support for men who want to grow in their faith and enact their values through service. Men in this group meet regularly to support each other, to increase understanding of their faith, and to serve their community.


Sisters in Spirit (S.I.S.) Community

The Sisters in Spirit (S.I.S.) community is part of the Chapel ministry outreach. S.I.S. is a community of women looking to help each other reach their full potential in Christ. Student groups include freshmen through senior year students who meet to share, learn, and grow in their Christian faith. This community offers the opportunity for women to engage in service projects, support each other in their spiritual life, and explore relevant topics from a faith-based lens.

If you're interested in joining B.R.O. or S.I.S., please contact Pastor Charlene Cox at The Chapel of the Resurrection or at 


First-Year Academic Success Communities

Located on the 5th floor of Alumni Hall and the 5th floor of Lankenau Hall, these first-year communities provide students with the opportunity to live in a group centered around the development of skills that promote their success in academic endeavors. Participation is limited to the capacity of the floor (75-150 students total).


Language Houses:

Kade/Duesenberg German Language House

The German Language & Culture Community is a German language immersion program within the Kade/Duesenberg German Language House and Cultural Center. Residents of the German House come together around a shared love of German activities and culture. A native-speaking German program assistant coordinates the community’s development and programming. Space is limited to 11-13 participants.

Application materials may be found on the German House website


La Maison Française French Language House

La Maison Française is a French language immersion opportunity within Beacon Hall. Students who participate in La Maison Française commit to living in an intentional environment where they can improve their language skills as well as live in a community of those who share their love of French culture.

Application materials may be found on the French House website


Spanish Language House

The Spanish House is a language immersion community located in Beacon Hall. Participants live in an intentional Spanish-speaking environment and participate in activities designed to build community within a supportive group and to enhance understanding of the Spanish language.  If you have interest in the Spanish Language House, contact Prof. Degner Riveros, Arts & Sciences Bldg #271 or via email

Application materials may be accessed through the Spanish Department.  


For more information on our Living-Learning Communities, view our Living-Learning Communities Brochure by clicking HERE.