Ticket Sales Request

The Union Welcome Desk provides a complete ticketing solution for the entire campus community. We can handle all aspects of the ticketing setup, maintenance, accounting, record keeping, ticket stock, sales (in-person and online), Will-Call, accounting, reconciliation, etc. involved in ticket sales.


We charge a nominal fee which covers all the services above. Or fees are as follows:

  • All ticket events cost Admin Fee of $25 plus 10% of sales if sale is over 100 tickets.
  • Every free or $0 ticket (including comps) will be charged a fee of $.25 per ticket

Union Welcome Desk Ticket Sales Request Form

To have us sell your tickets:

  1. Fill out the online request form, being as complete as possible
  2. Please allow up to 2 business days for the information to be process, entered and for us to let our staff know the event is on sale.
  3. You MUST include your contact information (email and phone number) on the form in order for your request to be processed. If we have any questions about the sale, we need to know who to contact. This information may also be given out to anyone that has questions on your event that is not answered by the information on the request.
  4. Your request MUST have a University Account Number in order to be processed.
  5. The Valparaiso Union will contact you by email (usually within 2-business days) when your tickets have been entered into our ticketing system.
  6. Also allow 2 business days for processing of any changes requested after tickets are on sale. (Ex: extra comp tickets or price adjustments)

If there are any questions, problems, or you need to make any changes, please email us, or call 219.464.5150 Monday-Friday from 8a-5p.