Valpo Undergraduate Math Research Program (Academic Year)

All incoming mathematics majors are invited to apply to join the academic year student research program — an opportunity to foster mathematical curiosity and develop independence and leadership skills.

The students participating in the research program are assigned to teams on the basis of their interests and talents. Usually, the team consists of students at a variety of levels. While newer students are expected to contribute to the research effort, their primary role is to learn about the research process. In particular, they are not being called on to guide the research effort, but are “interning” in the process. They will then be asked and expected to take leadership roles if they continue to work on research projects after their first experience.

The research teams stay together for a minimum of one semester, although it is possible for some teams to continue working on a project for longer periods. In the latter case, new students are introduced to the project as other students leave the team. Students are expected to commit themselves for two semesters of work on a given project. An active student could earn a total of eight credits for their research efforts over four years.

  • Circle the Cat: A Modern Adaptation and Analysis of a Classic Mathematical Game, by Timothy Olson, Kirk Baly, Owen Prough, and Alex Youngman (James Caristi, Advisor), 2010.
  • R and Its Applications, by Traci Blonquist and Robert Thompson, 2010
  • A Counter Intuitive Bad Effect of Quarantine, by Krista Schaerfer and Adam Shull (Daniel Maxin, Advisor), 2010.
  • Association Between Professor Credit Load on Student Course Evaluations by Carly Anderson, Traci Blonquist, and Tom Lee (Sara Crawford, Advisor), 2009.
  • k-Equitable Labeling of Graphs by Deborah Beals and Robert Thompson (Zsuzsanna Szaniszló, Advisor), 2009.
  • Isolation and Contentment in Segregation Games with Three Types by Mark Burek, Brian McDonough, Spencer Roach, and Brit Wagoner (Rick Gillman, Advisor), 2009.
  • Radio Frequency Identification by Stephen Dolph, Dan Roggendorf, Kirsten Swanson, and Adam Watkins (Karl Zimmerman, Advisor), 2009.
  • Vertical Transmission in Epidemic Models of Sexually Transmitted Diseases with Isolation From Reproduction by Tim Olson, Thomas Patrick, and Adam Shull (Daniel Maxin, Advisor), 2009.


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Summer Research Opportunities for Valpo Students

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics encourages its students to take advantage of opportunities to conduct research during the summer months at other institutions. Faculty advisors can be invaluable in helping students locate research projects that match their interests, as well as writing recommendations and offering advice on application strategies.

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Summer Research Experience at Valpo

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics hosts its own NSF-funded Research Experience for Undergraduates program. The Valparaiso Experience in Research by Undergraduate Mathematicians (VERUM) provides an opportunity for rising college sophomores and juniors to engage in a first research experience in mathematics.

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Celebration of Undergraduate Scholarship

Students in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics present their research findings in a variety of venues, including student and professional conferences at the regional and national levels. They are also regular participants in Valpo’s Celebration of Undergraduate Scholarship, held annually in the spring.

Celebration of Undergraduate Scholarship »