AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business)

"What is AACSB, and why should I be concerned about it?"

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The AACSB was founded over 90 years ago to set standards of excellence that could only be met by schools willing to devote the time, resources and effort to demand the highest quality in higher education.  Less than 5% of schools worldwide can meet the standards set by the AACSB.  Employers know that the AACSB accredited schools mean better prospective employees and less risk of wasting time and training dollars on prospects that don’t work out.

So, what does the AACSB accreditation mean to you?  It means you are not wasting your time and scarce resources on an education that will not deliver the opportunities you expected.  It means that you are investing in an education that is constantly being updated and focused on today's standards and tomorrow's needs, and that you are receiving the best business degree available.

In addition, you are our faculty's top priority. One of the benefits of an AACSB accredited Valpo business degree is the small class size and low professor-to-student ratio. And our courses are taught by professors with PhDs and those with extensive business experience.