Environmental Stewardship

A focus on environmental leadership is also woven throughout the Valpo MBA program. Often the most effective and efficient decisions are those that include environmental issues from the beginning – whether managing supply chains, factoring the net-present-value of financial decisions, motivating employees, or minimizing risk exposure.

A Valpo MBA prepares you for this type of critical decision-making by:

  • Providing information and trends that give you an advantage in understanding an environmentally sensitive world.
  • Exposing you to the array of disciplines fundamental to making wise environmental decisions.
  • Tying global resource issues to contemporary management problems.
As a leader, you will need to see - and understand - the "big picture" quandaries faced by your organization. Whether you work for a multi-national or a home-grown small business, being able to identify, understand, and react to environmental issues is key to long-term success.