First-hand experience that leads to expertise

Valpo’s MBA alumni graduate with a sense of business acumen because they have the opportunity to hone their knowledge and skills in business settings beyond the classroom. The MBA program offers several ways to get hands-on experience — including business opportunities abroad.

Course Numbers and Credits
Select one from the following courses:

MGT 781 Study Abroad Experience – Daytime students only 3 Cr.
MGT 782 Curricular Practical Training & Internships 3 Cr.
MGT 790 Special Topics 3 Cr.
MGT 791 Field Projects 3 Cr.
MGT 795 Independent Study 3 Cr.


Study Abroad
Domestic students in the daytime Global MBA program are required to take the three-credit Study Abroad course (included with tuition). Students in the evening Professional MBA program are not eligible for the trip.


Special Topics, Field Projects, Independent Study
Students with a specific interest or opportunity can request to complete a comprehensive project for credit. Prerequisites may vary based upon the topics covered. Coursework needs the approval of the MBA Director and Dean of Graduate Studies before registration.

Curricular Practical Training
International students are required to take a three-credit Curricular Practical Training (CPT) internship to deepen their experience of business in the United States. This course adheres to government requirements for Curricular Practical Training, a program that gives non-immigrant international students the opportunity to work in the United States.

Internships are available for students in the daytime program.