Do You Qualify for a GMAT Waiver?

Bob MarrsWith a "no GMAT" offer, getting an MBA sounds much more feasible for many professionals today. It means having one less step to worry about when making a life change and embracing a better career by completing a Valpo MBA.

When applying to a business school, you are required to take the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), a standardized test used by universities to evaluate an applicant's academic performance. Recently, Valparaiso University revised its GMAT admission requirement for the MBA program. If you are a qualified working professional, you may be eligible for a GMAT waiver after a review of your professional work experience, your undergraduate GPA, and after all business school admission materials have been submitted, at the University's discretion. To determine if you are eligible for a GMAT waiver, after submitting all admission materials, contact the Valpo MBA Office at 219-465-7952 or *Please note, if you are admitted to the MBA program but do not qualify for a GMAT waiver, a GMAT score of 500 or better or a GRE of 147 or higher is required prior to starting the program.

In addition to a GMAT waiver for eligible MBA students, if you have an undergraduate major or minor in business and are pursuing a dual MBA/Juris Doctorate degree, you may qualify for a GMAT waiver based on your LSAT score and GPA. For more information on the GMAT, please visit, and for more information about the GRE, please visit