On-Campus Classes from Anywhere with MBA LIVEĀ®!

Life is a complex balancing act. We all have families and responsibilities at home, expectations at work and within the business community, and we also need to find some time for us. Maintaining a full-time life has never been easy, and as you've thought about getting your MBA, you've probably wondered, "How can I find time to add one more item to my list to juggle?"

To make life easier, the Valpo MBA program is now offering MBA LIVE®, a new technology in all of its courses. While classes will be taught on campus in classroom settings, they will use software that makes it possible to broadcast class sessions live over the web. So students who are unable to attend class due to travel or responsibilities at home will be able to not only view the class online as it is happening, but they will also be able to interact with the professor and the students in class.

OnlineMBA LIVE® allows Valpo MBA students to ask questions from home that are heard by students in class and to have them answered in real time. Students can also work in groups of mixed home and class participants through shared screens, and the professor can be seen on a live video feed. All presentation materials and videos are shown through the program online, and classes are recorded to be used at a later time for students who missed the class or who wish to use it to review. 

MBA LIVE® Terms of Use

Our goal is to provide our students the highest education possibleKnowing the vast majority of our students are full-time working professionals with families and other outside responsibilities creating conflicting demands on their time, we developed the MBA LIVE® technology.  As much as we try to perfect the remote experience, it is not equal to in-class instruction.  Therefore, we ask that students limit their remote attendance to only those times when it is not possible to attend in person, or the circumstances require them to be somewhere else.  Students with extenuating circumstances may need to attend 100% remotely. 

In the event that a student must attend remotely, the student is still required to meet all of the same expectations as students in the classroom (as defined in the class syllabus), including verbal participation.

Should circumstances prevent the student from attending either in person or via MBA LIVE®, it is the responsibility of the student to tell the instructor in advance of this absence.  Failure to do so is considered an unexcused absence and the results of this action are determined by the policies of that instructor as stated in the Syllabus.

Should a student’s circumstances changes mid-term, requiring the student to attend remotely, we ask that the student inform the instructor and make arrangements with the instructor to complete the class remotely.  Teaching a remote student is not the same as teaching a student in class and requires additional preparation by the instructor.  Therefore it is essential that the student discuss the change in circumstances with the instructor to assure a high quality experience.

Students are required to have their remote computer equipment tested and certified prior to using the MBA LIVE® option.  IT will certify your equipment.  Please contact Kevin Steele at Kevin.Steele@valpo.edu or at 219-464-6930 to make an appointment to have your equipment certified.  The following list of equipment is required to use the MBA LIVE® option:

  • A computer, preferably a laptop
  • Wired internet connection
    • Wireless internet, including 3G, 4G, WiFi, and WiMAX, is not as stable as a wired connection and should only be used in emergencies
  • Webcam, preferably with a built-in microphone for ease of use
    • Logitech is the brand recommended by the MBA office; the C210 is the suggested model ($30)
  • Headphones or earbuds

Because of the problems caused by faulty equipment, uncertified users will not be allowed to use the MBA LIVE® system.

For any questions regarding equipment requirements or problems accessing MBA LIVE, please contact Kevin Steele, Instructional Technology Specialist at Kevin.Steele@valpo.edu or 219-464-6930.