Master of Engineering Management Curriculum

The MEM curriculum consists of 38 credits, with 26 credits (13 courses) from the MBA program and 12 credits (6 courses) specifically designed for the MEM.  Since this is an accelerated program, a full-time MEM student completes the degree in one year.  A part-time MEM can complete the program in 1 1/2 years.

The program requires five 500-level MBA courses (10 credits):

  • MBA 504 Business Law
  • MBA 510 Financial Accounting
  • MBA 520 Financial Management
  • MBA 530 Marketing Management
  • MBA 550 Psychological Foundations of Management

In addition, the program requires three 600-level MBA courses (6 credits):

  • MBA 601 Business, Technology and the Natural Environment (Introduction)
  • MBA 602 Managing Innovation and Technology
  • MBA 670 Strategic Thinking and Action for a Changing World (Capstone)

Students must choose one of the following MBA courses (2 credits):

  • MBA 650 Creating High Performance Organizations
  • MBA 651 Leadership and Team Development
  • MBA 652 Developing People
  • Students must choose two 600-level MBA courses not selected above (4 credits)

    Students must choose two 700-level MBA courses (4 credits) 

    The program also requires six MEM courses (12 credits):

    • MEM 701 Managing Emerging Technologies
    • MEM 702 Managing International Teams
    • MEM 703 Best Practices for Managing Technical Teams
    • MEM 704 Intellectual Property
    • MEM 705 Creativity and Innovation
    • MEM 706 Project Management

    One of these six MEM courses is taught in each of the six MBA terms, and they can be taken in any order.  This means that MEM students can start six times a year! 

    Method of Delivery

    All courses involved in the MEM program will be offered remotely via MBA LIVE® as well as in-person. The courses will be taught in the classroom, but the course will also be broadcast live over the Internet and recorded for students who are unable to attend in person.

    Eligibility for Admission

    Candidates for the MEM must submit the same admission materials as for the MBA.  Subject to the Director's discretion, there is a “No GMAT” option for highly qualified candidates.  Applicants may possess an undergraduate degree in any discipline and are not required to have an undergraduate degree in Engineering.