Integrating Law and Business

With Valpo’s joint Juris Doctor/Master of Business Administration program, students can earn two degrees on one campus. In order to pursue the dual degree program, students must first be admitted into both the Law School and the MBA Program. Students typically complete both degrees in four years:

  • Year 1: Students take only law courses.
  • Years 2-4: Students develop a personalized schedule incorporating courses from law and business.

An option to save time and money

Students in the J.D./MBA program can complete their degrees sooner because certain courses count toward both the J.D. and the MBA. Students enrolled in the J.D./MBA Dual Degree Program only pay Law School tuition during the fall and spring semesters for all law and graduate courses while enrolled as a full time law student.

A maximum of four credit hours will be accepted from the following courses: Three credit courses only.
404 Corporate Finance 3 cr.
409 Labor Arbitration 2 cr.
410 International Business Transactions 3 cr.
416 Non-profit Organizations 2 cr.
440 Regulation of Industry 2 cr.
443 Antitrust Law 3 cr.
444 Workers’ Compensation Law 2 cr.
445 Labor Law 3 cr.
446 Employment Law 3 cr.
448 Environmental Law and Policy 3 cr.
489 Employee Health Plans: ERISA & HIPAA 2 cr.
495-R The Law of eCommerce 3 cr.
504 Mergers and Acquisitions 2 or 3 cr.
505 Income Taxation of Corporations and Partnerships 3 cr.
530 Business Planning 3 cr.

The Law School will accept up to six credit hours from the following courses:
MBA 610 Accounting Information for Decision Analysis 3 cr.
MBA 620 Financial Analysis 2 cr.
MBA 710 Taxes and Decision Making 3 cr.


A recent study by Adam Smith, Esq., shows that top-tier consulting firms and financial corporations prefer J.D./MBA. and pay a premium of approximately 20 percent more than the starting salary of a J.D. alone.


Students who enroll in the dual degree program will work with their advisors to develop a specific course of study that meets the requirements for both degrees.


Dual degree students have two advisors, one at each program:

 Cindy Scanlan

Assistant Director of Graduate Programs in Management

 Michael Murray 

Associate Professor of Law

 Domestic Law



 International Law