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Who are Valpo MBA Students?

Valpo MBA students are engaged learners from all walks of life. They come from such varied industries as: steel, health care, pharmaceutical, law, accounting and auditing, engineering, IT, sports, and entrepreneurs. Some facts about the composition of the incoming class of Fall I 2013 are:

Part-Time (60%)
  • Between 23 and 40 years old
  • Have 4.8 years of experience
  • Average GMAT of 545
  • 67% Male, 33% Female
  • Average GPA of 3.24
  • 0% International
  • 0% Minority
Full-Time (40%)
  • Between 20 and 30 years old
  • Have 4.23 years of experience
  • Average GMAT of 500
  • 51% Male 49% Female
  • Average GPA of 3.456
  • 25% International
  • 25% Minority
Tatiana Cochran

Tatiana Cochran is a 28 year-old professional business woman with 6 years of work experience and also a mother of three. She received her Bachelor's in Business Administration in 2004 from Valparaiso University and is now a full-time student in the MBA program. "I chose Valpo's MBA program because of it's reputation for quality. I also appreciate the flexibility offered with the seven-week sessions."  To contact Tatiana regarding her experience as a Valpo MBA, please email her at

Paul Stark

After completing a BS in Industrial Management with a minor in Manufacturing at Purdue University, 38 year-old Paul Stark went on to work for ArcelorMittal for 19 years. Today he is ArcelorMittal's USA Indiana Harbor Manager of Logistics Planning and Scheduling, as well as a father of three. "The Valparaiso University MBA provides me the flexibility I need to balance my home, work, and family life."


Dongxu (Louise) Zheng is a 24 year-old international student from China. After finishing her bachelor's degree in biotechnology at Hangzhou Normal University (Zhejiang, China) in 2008, she decided to come to Valpo for her MBA. "What fascinates me most about the Valpo MBA is the way the program challenges individuals to achieve their greatest potential by merging professional qualifications and critical thinking with a strong commitment to action and ethical behavior. As an international student coming from China, the Valpo MBA also provides me with a wonderful platform for cross-cultural experiences which will benefit me greatly in my future career."  To ask Louise about her experience as an international student in the Valpo MBA, please email her at


After completing his BSBA degree in Management in 2008, 23-year-old Stephen Bartholomew went on to start his own company, Dominator Athletics. "My time in the Valparaiso University MBA program has helped to give me the skills required to both start my own business as well as guide others in their own exploits. The diverse student body and exceptional teaching staff contributed to an outstanding quality of education. I am extremely grateful to the MBA program for everything it has done for me."


Kerith Ackley-Jelinek earned her BA in Philosophy at Grand Valley State University and now works as a project manager at the Northern Indiana Tourism Development Commission. "A learning experience is only as good as its participants. This is the Valpo MBA's greatest strength - greater than seven week sessions, relevant curriculum, evening classes, a values-based leadership emphasis, web conferencing options, and small class sizes - are the professors and classmates. Many of the professors are not just master teachers, but also consultants in their field; my peers are working, international, 22 year-olds and 56 year-olds, all adding considerable diversity and depth to the classroom."

Scott Kopaczewski

Scott Kopaczewski earned his BS in Accounting & Finance at Purdue University Calumet in 2009.  He is currently pursuing his MBA with Accounting Emphasis and is scheduled to graduate May, 2011.  The 40-year-old plans to use his Valpo MBA to advance his career to a Controller or COO position. "Valparaiso University has a superb reputation in the academic community.  I have found that VU offers a warm and welcoming community of scholars who encourage the desire to learn and make learning fun.  The smaller class sizes in the MBA program offers a more nurturing learning environment amongst colleagues and peers while also presenting many challenges that require critical thinking.  I am convinced that I have made the right choice with VU and I believe that pursuing my graduate studies at Valparaiso University will allow me to achieve my professional goals while learning from established professionals with a commitment to the time honored values of honesty and integrity."  To talk with Scott about his MBA experience, please email

Jake Diebler

Jake Diebler As a Marketing professional and the Director of Basketball Operations for Valparaiso University’s basketball team, 24-year-old Jake Diebler has learned the indispensable professional skills through hard work dedication to his studies.  He received his Bachelor’s in Marketing in 2009 from Valparaiso University and is now a full time student in the MBA program."The professionalism and flexibility of Valpo's MBA program have enabled me to maintain a successful balance in my personal, professional, and educational lives.  I have been inspired by staff and students alike, to implement the principles and methods I have learned into my life daily, as I embark on my professional career.  The network which coincides with Valpo's MBA program has already proven very valuable and becoming part of the knowledge sharing  that exists will forever benefit my career."To talk with Jake about his MBA experience, please email

Megan Marrs

Megan Marrs is the 27 year-old president of Marrs Media Group. A 2006 graduate from Purdue University with five years of work experience, she is now a full-time MBA student. “Valpo MBA has set the platform for me to grow into the businesswoman I have always hoped to become. The opportunities I have had to work with other students, as well as professors, is invaluable. Valpo MBA has set a foundation of service and excellent leadership that I will always carry with me. From honing in on my talents and strengthening my weaknesses, to mentoring relationships with professors, growing my business and presenting a paper at a national conference, I can truly say that the Valpo MBA is a positive, life-changing experience.” To ask Megan about her experience as a full-time MBA student, email her at

Megan Marrs

Jacob Sumner "The JD/MBA offers a great opportunity to differentiate yourself from the other candidates in your class. The professors in the College of Business really appreciate the perspective a JD student brings to their lecture. Valparaiso's dual degree program also delivers exceptional value for tuition. The workload between the two programs is very manageable as the courses in both schools balance out each other."