Graduate School

Academic excellence within a specific field, while necessary for continuing on to graduate school, is not sufficient in itself. It is also necessary to have a well-rounded undergraduate experience, the self-confidence, and the motivation to persevere through the intensity of graduate work. We believe that at Valparaiso University we can help the student interested in going to graduate school to develop all of these traits in himself or herself.

Many of the alumni of the Department of Mathematics & Computer Science have gone on to graduate school. As expected, many have continued their studies in mathematics, applied mathematics, mathematics education, statistics, operations research and computer science. However, others have used their degree from Valparaiso University as a step towards graduate work in physics, biology, philosophy, and theology. Still others have gone on to law school, medical school, and respected business schools.

Listed below are graduate schools and fields of study chosen by alumni of the Department of Mathematics Computer Science.

GRADUATE SCHOOL                           
University of Chicago
Purdue University
University of Minnesota 
Actuarial Science 


 Valparaiso University
Computer Science
   Northwestern University
 2008  Rutgers University
 Computer Science
  Valparaiso University
  Washington State University
   Indiana University
   Northwestern University
 Industrial Engineering
 2007 Thomas M. Cooley School of Law
   University of Notre Dame
Mechanical Engineering
   University of Nebraska
Environmental Science
   Uniformed Serv. U. of the Health Sciences
Bio Chemistry
   Valparaiso University School of Law
   Michigan State University
   Colorado State University
 2006  Valparaiso University School of Law
   Virginia Tech University
Computer Science
   Argosy University
   Columbia University
 2005 MIT
UC-San Diego  Physics
  Valparaiso University  Education
  University of Toledo
  University of Wisconsin  Computer Science
 2004 CUNY Schools
  Yale University  Physics
  University of New Hampshire  Computer Science
  Rutgers University  Mathematics
 2003 Purdue University
Computer Engineering
  Devry University  Computer Science
  Fairfield University  Computer Science
 2002 University of Hawaii
Computer Science
  Rutgers University  Urban Transportation
  SUNY-Albany  Meteorology
  Michigan State University  Geography
  University of Utah  Statistics
  Valparaiso University  Education
 2001 IU-Bloomington
Computer Science
  University of Illinois  Chemistry
  Northern Illinois University  Physics
  Valparaiso University  Education
  University of Toronto  Fluid Dynamics
 2000 Claremont Graduate University
Financial Mathematics
  Colorado State University  Meteorology
  Northwestern University  Film Studies
  University of California-Berkeley  Physics
  University of Kentucky  English