Selected Topics in Mathematics
This course, designed especially for motivated high school students wishing to pursue interesting mathematical ideas, covers a wide range of current and significant non-calculus based topics in mathematics. Topics include:

Chaos: the study of dynamically changing systems

  • Combinatorics: the art of counting, using methods to eliminate the need to list items.
  • Game Theory: the study of strategic decision-making in presence of competition and uncertainty.
  • Linear Programming: a tool for optimizing return, given resource constraints.
  • Number Theory: the study of properties of the positive integers which form the basis for all arithmetic operations.
  • Topology: the study of geometric properties preserved while stretching and bending the plane.


Benefits of Taking This Course

  • Earn college credit which is transferable to any college or university in the country.
  • Spend time on a college campus
  • Study interesting mathematical ideas
  • Challenge yourself in a unique way
  • Improve your mathematical skills for competitions and standardized exams
  • Meet other students interested in studying mathematics