Spring Courses 2013

Colloquium Schedule - Spring 2013

The following courses are scheduled to be offered in Spring 2013. 
(Click highlighed courses for a brief description of that course) 

ACRS 325      Actuarial Modeling
CS 128      Introduction to Programming
CS 158      Algorithms and Abstract Data Types
CS 230      Database Management Systems
CS 340/IT 540      Web Programming
CS 358/IT 558      Software Design and Development
CS 372      Computability and Computational Complexity
CS 493      Seminar in Professional Practices
IT 590      Computer User Support
IT 603      Information Management
IT 630      User Interface
IT 632      Instructional Design
IT 633      Datamining
IT 642      Information Assurance
IT 786      Internship
IT 790      Quality Management: Six Sigma Greenbelt Certification
MATH 110      Quantitative Problem Solving
MATH 114      Precalculus
Math 120      Mathematical Ideas: Mathematics of Voting and Elections
MATH 124      Finite Mathematics
MATH 131      Calculus I
MATH 132      Calculus II
MATH 212/214      Math for Elem Teachers II/Lab
MATH 220      Discrete Mathematics
MATH 234      Differential Equations and Linear Algebra
MATH 253      Calculus III
MATH 265      Differential Equations
MATH 330/530      Partial Differential Equations
MATH 371/571      Experimental Mathematics
MATH 422      Combinatorics II
MATH 489     The Teaching of Mathematics
MATH 199-499      Mathematic s Colloquium I - IV
STAT 240      Statistical Analysis
STAT 340/540      Statistics for Decision Making
STAT 341/541      Probability
STAT 343/543      Time Series Analysis