On-Line Courses

Our department offers several courses on-line during the Summer I and Summer II semesters. A list of courses offered on-line during Summer 2011 is below, with links to information about the courses. Please also check 
http://www.valpo.edu/registrar/assets/pdfs/2011SSsched.pdf  "on-line course listings" from the registrar to see what regular (non on-line) courses are being offered on campus.

Summer I:

Finite Mathematics, MATH 124 OL
Calculus II, MATH 132 OL  http://faculty.valpo.edu/kluther1/CLASSINFO/m132ol-intro.html 
Statistics for Decision Macking, MATH 340/350 OLX

Summer II:

Precalcul, MATH 114 OL
Calculus I, MATH 131 OL  
Calculus III, MATH 253 OL  http://faculty.valpo.edu/kluther1/CLASSINFO/m253ol-intro.html