Louis A. Foster Scholarship

Louis Foster joined the faculty of Valparaiso University n the sprig of 1961.  Prior to 1961 he served as a chaplain in the United States Navy.  From 1965 until 1977, he served in a variety of administrative posts, including Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Acting Vice President for Academic Affairs, Coordinator of Curriculum Revision, and Director of Institutional Research.  The University regarded him as one of their most gifted administrators.

Dr. Foster was a faculty member whose talents as a teacher of mathematics and computer science were of the highest magnitude.  In the 1980's he brought significant direction to the fledgling computer science program.  His research in computer science led to a collaboration that took him to Exeter University in England for an extended period of time.

After his retirement, the department was very pleased to announce the Louis A. Foster Scholarship for outstanding computer science majors, in recongnition of his many contributions to the department.


Graeme Roberts &  Professor James Caristi

Louis A. Foster Recipients

2013-14   Graeme Roberts
2012-13   not awarded
2011-12   Kirk Baly
2010-11   Brian Havlisch
2009-10   Kelly Roth
2008-09   Kristopher Willmert
2007-08   Frederick Spreen
2006-07   Matthew Jungwirth
2005-06   Matthew R. Schaefer
2004-05   Whitney Tyson