Arthur E. Hallerberg Memorial Scholarship

Our Friend and colleague, Arthur Hallerberg, was among us at Valparaiso University for eighteen years. During that time he represented the epitome of what we regard as excellence in a member of our faculty. He was a devoted teacher, who prepared meticulously for those students privileged to he in his classes. As a writer, he generated numerous articles, authored two books, and edited the 31st yearbook of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Historical Topics for the Mathematics Classroom. As Chairman of the Department of Mathematics, as presiding officer of the University Senate, and as Director of nine National Science Foundation Summer Institutes in Mathematics, he set standards of service that all would do well to emulate. His service to larger constituencies, whether to his profession or to his church, was always directed toward the betterment of the condition of his fellow man; and his love for his own family was deep and abiding. His untimely death left a deep void.

In the spring of 1980, in memory of Professor Hallerberg, Valparaiso University hosted a Symposium on the Use of History in the Teaching of Mathematics. That this Symposium was attended by national and international figures of the mathematical community marked an entirely appropriate recognition of Professor Hallerberg's consummate scholarship.

It is therefore most fitting that there be a Hallerberg Memorial Endowed Scholarship to encourage students to emulate his scholarship, service, and Christian commitment; those attributes which earned him the love and respect of all with whom he shared his Lord's many blessings.

Dan Leighty and Professor Melissa Desjarlais

Arthur E. Hallerberg Scholarship Recipients

2013-14   Dan Leighty
2012-13   Janelle Hobbs
2012-13   Katerina Koutouvas
2011-12   Carly  Anderson
2010-11   Peter Ellingsen
2009-10   Joy Helfen
2008-09   Bailey Holloway, Kristen Lyons
2007-08   Carissa Heinold
2006-07   Ryan Turner
2005-06   Melanie Simpson
2004-05  Anna Bickel
2003-04   Eric Funke, Erin Lo Bue, Drew Trost
2001-02   Betsy Richardson
2000-01   Joseph Wurzburger
1999-00   Ellen Goetz, Jason Adler
1998-99   Ryan Collier
1997-98   Anne Hoft
1996-97   Kristen Myers
1995-96   Andrew Richardson
1994-95   Christina Dunklau
1993-94   Kimberly Meyer, Timothy Maxson
1992-93   (not awarded)
1991-92   Steven Tripenfeldas
1990-91   Dana Goldstrand, Rhonda Kraus
1989-90   Diane Atwood
1988-89   Tammy Benner
1987-88   Cynthia Cardels, Martin Hofer
1986-87   Kim Wasserman, Susan Wilson
1985-86   Darryl Schultz
1984-85   Donna Hildebrandt
1983-84   Lisa Dombrowski
1982-83   Susan Kalemba