Job Opportunities and Career Planning

Valparaiso University's Career Center is a comprehensive career services facility for undergraduate and graduate students.  Career counseling, resume assistance, job opportunities bulletin, and interviewing assistance, are just a few of the services provided. Please visit the Career Center to learn more about the services offered.

The following links are just a few of the many external job sites for mathematics and computer science majors: 

We Use Math

Career Corner Stone
This site is maintained by the Sloan Foundation and contains general information about careers and career opportunities, not only in mathematics but also in science and engineering.

Math Jobs
This site contains job postings, many of which are entry-level for Baccalaureate degree students.

Job Resource Center

This is a link to a job resource service that the department contracted with. Students can submit their résumés for free. Companies will advertise available positions here.

AMS Student News
This link takes you directly is to the American Mathematical Society website.

MAA Math Classifieds
The Mathematical Association of America is proud to announce its new careers website; the only site available that pairs recent mathematical sciences graduates with potential employers.

SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics)
Are there careers in mathematics outside of academia?

The answer is a resounding YES. The Society for Industrial and Applied
Mathematics (SIAM) has published its latest brochure on applied
mathematics and computational science careers outside of academia. The
20-page publication includes information on emerging career fields,
examples of companies and organizations that hire applied mathematicians
and computational scientists, and profiles of professional working in
these fields today.

The SIAM Careers Brochure answers many of the questions that high school
and college-aged students may be asking with regard to career
opportunities in the mathematical sciences, including:

- What's out there for someone with my interests and background?
- Where can I work?
- Where are the up-and-coming job opportunities?
- How should I pursue my studies?
- Who are the people working in industry today?

Profiles highlight professionals at Google, IBM, IDA, Merck, Michelin,
NSA, and many other organizations and companies.

With this brochure, SIAM hopes to increase young people's interest in
and motivation for the study and pursuit of careers in the mathematical
sciences. Since the previous edition in 2003, SIAM has updated the
brochure to reflect the current fields of applied math and computational
science and the emerging career opportunities for today's students.

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