Q: What can I major in through MSEED?

A: Valparaiso University majors through MSEED include Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics and Astronomy.

Q: How is MSEED funded?

A: MSEED is designed to increase the number of graduates in the math and science teaching disciplines, and is supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation.

Q: What are some of the benefits of the Valpo educational experience?

A: Students at Valparaiso University, regardless of major, benefit from small class sizes; faculty mentoring and personal attention; study abroad opportunities; and a dedicated living and learning campus community.

Q: What research experiences are available through internship and immersion opportunities through MSEED?

A: Research opportunities might include plant reproduction genetics; regulation of cancer cell growth; physics after the Big Bang; modeling epidemics; and studies of air and water quality in Northwest Indiana

Q: How will I benefit after graduation?

A: MSEED graduates will be licensed to teach in middle or high school, and they will benefit from continued support from Valpo faculty and alumni.

Q: What are some unique aspects of MSEED at Valpo?


  • Paid internships involve MSEED students in research and curriculum development
  • Dual advisers – one from math/science and one from education – provide guidance and support
  • Immersion programs focus on teaching methods and skills in diverse communities
  • New assessment instruments explore the impact of engaging in research on the quality of high school teaching
  • MSEED graduates influence the next generation of math and science students, helping to fill critical national needs