Peace and Justice Symposium

The purpose of the Peace & Justice Symposium is to actively promote civic engagement and social responsibility toward strengthening peace, justice, equality, equity, and unity on campus and in our local and global communities. The Symposium provides an avenue for discussion of global and domestic issues affecting world peace, human rights, race relations, justice, and other social concerns. Our goal is to educate, enlighten, engage, and empower participants to become actively involved in improving human relations within their community and to incorporate this commitment into their respective faith and vocation.

In addition, the Symposium offers an avenue where the works of peace educators, researchers, and activists who foster alternatives to violence in our homes, schools, communities, and the national and international arena can be presented. Topics may include poverty, racism, domestic violence, inequality, and other social injustices and inequities.

Valparaiso University nurtures a community whose members learn to embody social responsibility. The community challenges its members to discover ways of using their abilities in the service of the whole human family. The Peace and Social Justice Studies Minor is an interdisciplinary program focusing on social responsibility by examining the means of establishing justice, achieving peace, and resolving conflicts nonviolently. Peace rooted in justice requires teaching peace and social justice to cultivate those who will become socially responsible leaders. There are two alternative tracks in the program:

  • The International/Global Track, which focuses on social responsibility between nations and other large groups;
  • Individual/Local Track focuses on social responsibility among individuals, small groups and communities

How to get involved:
VU faculty, students, staff, and community members may apply to serve on the planning committee, be a volunteer on the day of the Symposium, or submit a workshop proposal for the Symposium